Hello, I've been collecting random blog posts and notes during the past years and while I was evolving as developer and professional.

There was a separate website for this collection wiki.summercode.com; but in 2018 I decided that it's too much to support an independent domain and it's time to simplify my IT infrastructure and make it faster (by precompiling everything into static HTML).

So, I've have saved many articles and different programmer's and administrator's blog posts. I collected them from the full range of websites around the world. I called this section as 'wiki', because previously (prior to 2018) it was built with my fork of the git-wiki project.

Some of this blog posts are not available anymore, and it would be great if my collection could help anyone, despite that many items in it are outdated.

A note to authors or content owners

If you are an author or owner of the content published on this site and you don't want to grant me privileges for doing this, please contact me. Anyway, we try to leave the original link to the website of each article re-posted here.

List of my "treasures"

JRuby as a Java Obfuscation Utility

Getting a Random Record From a MongoDB Collection

MongoDB Counting and Grouping

Setting up Unicorn with Nginx

Installing Ruby Enterprise Edition + Nginx + Passenger + Rails on Ubuntu 10.04

MongoDB Grouping Elaborated

MongoDB Map-Reduce Basics

Rails authentication with Devise and CanCan – Customizing Devise Controllers

Routed XEN VM based on LVM (step-by-step for Hetzner DS3000)

A trivial SOAP client written in Scala

Escalate Scala Screencasts (based on Scala 2.8)

A successful Git branching model

Installing PHP 5.3 with Homebrew on 10.6 Snow Leopard

Sudo without a password in Mac OS X

Cleaner RESTful Controllers with respond_with

Dynamic Properties in Ruby

How to enable/disable swapping in Mac OS X

Installing nginx and PHP with FastCGI on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

S-99: Ninety-Nine Scala Problems

How to install Scala on Debian/Ubuntu (Scala, 2.8.1)

How to disable MobileBackups feature (TimeMachine local backups) on Mac OS X Lion

MacOS X Tips

Scala simple benchmark utility

Running homebrewed Nginx with sudo and launchctl on MacOS X

Simple Testing Coffeescript (Javascript) in Ruby on Rails Project

Ruby on Rails Console Quick Tips

Compass sprites and retina displays

Convert a Ruby on Rails app from sqlite to MySQL?

Ruby Tips

Git Tips

A Git Workflow for Agile Teams

Rails deployment step by step. Deployment process with commands to a fresh server.

Upgrading Postgresql from 9.1 to 9.3 on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Confirming `sudo` with Touch ID

What to ask an interviewer during a tech interview