Escalate software is in the process of creating a series of screencasts for Scala information sharing and training purposes. The first available screencasts are provided here for free and cover the new features of Scala 2.8. In the longer term we will create training materials in the form of these videos along with supporting material that will be for sale from this and other sources as well.

These first videos give you the chance to see if you like this format and can get value out of it without risk. For now, the videos are hosted on YouTube, and here are a couple tips for getting the most out of your viewing experience

  • When watching the video, select at least 480p or 720p from the video quality selector towards the bottom right of the video player window. This will make the text nice and clear. 720p is the best option, if you have enough bandwidth to download it.
  • Use one of the following viewing options: Expand, Pop out, or Full Screen (also in the bottom right corner of the player window) to maximize the viewing area. By default, youtube uses quite a small playing window that will make it hard to see what is going on.

New screencast links will appear below as we release them, so keep an eye on this page. Also, news of the training screencasts will also be announced here.

We hope you enjoy this series of screencast videos and that they bring you value.

Scala 2.8 Part 1: The REPL (the interactive shell)

Scala 2.8 Part 2: Default and Named Parameters

Scala 2.8 Part 3: Collections

Scala 2.8 Part 4: Annotations

Scala 2.8 Part 5: Other Features